Sri Chinmoy Ultras Ottawa

Join us for the 36th Annual 24 Hour Raceā€”the longest running 24 Hour Race in the world! It's also the 8th annual 12 hour race and 9th annual 6 hour race.

Or if your passion is distance, choose one of these:
42.20k Cut-off 6 Hours
50.00k Cut-off 12 Hours50.00m Cut-off 24Hours
100.00k Cut-off 24 Hours
100.00m Cut-off 24 Hours
200.00k Cut-off 24Hours

All Races held outdoors at the Terry Fox Track.

As one of the smaller Races, we offer you individual attention and constant encouragement. As well, Counters personally record your laps.

OUTRace Series Events:

Ultra Series races: 100k, 200k, 50m, 100m, 6, 12, 24 hour

50k Cup series: 50k

Race Location: 

Asticou Centre
249 Boulevard Cite-Des-Jeunes
Gatineau, Quebec