Conquer the Canuck

This is a true runners’ race, where the greater portion of race fees are spent on the participants. 

The fees also help to support the Grand River Conservation Authority by way of venue cost and cost per participant, donations to Cambridge Harriers  Running Club of Cambridge, St. John Ambulance, and the Association of  Canadian Ultra Runners, supporting the National 100 km team, to the world championships. Our race is fully insured with Athletics Ontario and rated as an AA  accredited race. Highest rating for a trail race in Ontario. We are also partnered with, as part of their trail and ultra trail series, for 2018

The 50 km race (Saturday) is in the Ultra Series and the 50K Series. Finishers of the 50 km race will be given points just as they would be for any other 50 km race (regardless of whether or not they do the 42.2 km race held on Sunday).  There are no "combined" points or "special" points for doing both the 50 km race and the 42.2 km race, as these races are held on separate days.
The 42.2 km race (Sunday) is not in the Ultra Series, as the Ultra Series consists of races of at least 50 km - No points will be given for completing the 42.2 km race (regardless of whether or not the participant did the 50 km race on Saturday).  The 42.2 km race is not in the Trail Series either, as the Trail Series consists of races between 25 km and 34 km.  The 25 km race is in the Trail Series.  This is all consistent with the OUTRace rules .

OUTRace Series Events:

Trail Series race: 25k

50K Cup series: 50k

Race Location: 
Race Day: 
Saturday, June 9, 2018