Conquer the Canuck

This is a true runners’ race, where the greater portion of race fees are spent on the participants. 

The fees also help to support the Grand River Conservation Authority by way of venue cost and cost per participant, donations to Cambridge Harriers  Running Club of Cambridge, St. John Ambulance, and the Association of  Canadian Ultra Runners, supporting the National 100 km team, to the world championships. Our race is fully insured with Athletics Ontario and rated as an AA  accredited race. Highest rating for a trail race in Ontario. We are also partnered with, as part of their trail and ultra trail series, for 2019

Conquer The Canuck entrants may be eligible for points in the Series as follows:
  • "50K only" -  50K Series.
  • Ultimate Canuck 92.195K Stage Race - Ultra Series only (Stage race considered to be a single 92.195K race; must complete all stages within the time limits to be eligible for points).
  • 25K - Trail Series.
  • "Marathon only" - no points (42.195 km is too short to be in the Ultra Series, and too long to be in the Trail Series).
Only full loops will be counted in the 12-Hour race, so participants will need to complete at least 6 full loops within the 12 hours in order to be credited with an ultramarathon distance (more than 42.195 km) and therefore to receive points in the Ultra Series. 12-Hour participants will be eligible for points in the Ultra Series only.

Anyone wishing to receive points in both the Ultra Series and the 50K Series should register in the 50K race.

OUTRace Series Events:

Ultra Series Races: 92.125km, 50km
50Km Cup Series Races: 50km
Trail Series Races: 25km

Race Location: 

 Shade's Mills Conservation Area, 450 Avenue Road, Cambridge, ON N1R 5S4

Race Day: 
Saturday, June 8, 2019